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How to Apply for a Birth Certificate in Kenya

what to do when you lose your birth certificate in kenya
Are you a Kenyan who wants to apply for birth certificate? In this post, i am going to share with you a detailed procedure on how you can acquire a Kenyan birth certificate. 

Without this legal document, one cannot be entitled to their fundamental rights and also not have access government services as well as social programs.

These services and documents include; Passport application, National Identity Card (ID) application, Visa application, employed in public service offices and registration of both KCSE and KCPE exams among other things.

Procedure of Applying a Birth Certificate in Kenya

In this digital age, one can now apply for their birth certificate online through eCitizen, a government portal that enables their citizens and residents to access government services online.

In order to register a child, you need to fill in the birth notification form at the hospital where you gave birth.

Below are details required in birth notification.
  1. Name of the new born baby
  2. Date and place of birth
  3. Child's sex
  4. Type of birth (single or multiple)
  5. Nature of birth (alive or dead)
  6. Name, marital status, age, previous births to, area of residential and district of the mom
  7. For married couples you need to fill in the name of the father
  8. Applicant's signature
Cost : Nill
Time frame : Instant

Requirements for a birth certificate in Kenya include:

1. Birth notification
2. National Identity Cards for both parents or death certificate if the parents are deceased.

Persons who are certified to register a new born baby include:
  1. Parents and guardians of a newly born
  2. Rescue centers which take charge of newly born babies who have been abandoned.
  1. Ksh 60 for birth certificate with no changes.
  2. Ksh. 100 for birth certificate with changes on the child's names.
  3. Ksh. 100 for birth certificate with changes on the parent's names.
  4. Ksh. 140 for birth certificate with changes on both the child and parent's names

Time frame : 10 working days

Application for Late Birth Certificate in Kenya (Six months after the child was born)

The government of Kenya highly discourages late registration of birth certificates. 

However, if you have not applied for your child's birth certificate, fill and submit the registration form in person at any Civil Registration Department office in your area.

NB:You will under a vetting first in order for the registration process to be effected.

Below is what you will need;
  1. Birth notification, clinic card or antenatal card
  2. Religious certificate
  3. Identity Card for both parents or death certificate for parents if they are deceased
  4. School leaving certificates or letter from school
  5. Identity Cards for applicants who are (18 years and above)

For more information contact:

Department of Civil Registration
Hass Plaza 4th Floor, Lower Hill Road,
P.O Box 49179- 00100 Nairobi
Tel; +254-20-2714987/8
Fax; 2714989


Huduma Contact Centre: +254 (020) 6900020

Or visit nearest Huduma Centre

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