Sunday, December 2, 2018

How to Request For Your Mpesa Statement via Email

How to Request For Your Mpesa Statement via Email
An Mpesa statement is a detailed report that arrays the recent transactions one has done on Mpesa for a certain duration of time. 

The service can be accessed free of charge by dialling *234# on all mobile phones so long as you have a Safaricom line. 

Mpesa have two types of statement; full statement and mini statement. Below is a detailed process showing how one can receive their Mpesa statement via email.

1. Dial *243# on your phone
2. Select "My M-PESA information".
3. Select 1 for "M-PESA Statement".
4. Select 1 for "Full Statement" and register using your National ID or Passport. In this step is where you will also enter your email address.
5. Select the "statement periods" you will like to receive
6. You will receive a text message saying you have successfully registered for the service.
7. In less than 5 minutes your Mpesa statement will be sent to your email.

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